Mary’s Hypno Price List

The links next to each price takes you to my booking app where you can choose your time and date for your session if you’d like to book on-line.

If you need a Past Life Session you will only need one appointment.

If you need help with weight-reduction, stress, anxiety or something emotional or habitual you might need between 2 and 4 sessions.

We will discuss in your first session what would benefit you the most and how many sessions you will need.

Please email me if you’d prefer more info or phone me now on 01225-315718  so we can talk about how hypnosis and hypnotherapy might help your problem.


Hi Mary, I thought I’d give you a brief update/feedback on our session. I still feel fine. I’ve noticed I’ve been laughing a lot — at television, with M, with V. I know I laugh a lot anyway but my mood seems to have lightened. Thank you! 🙂 K.