What Happens in a Past Life Session?

I experienced my first past life session when I was 18 at college in London.

One of the lads in my year had learnt a technique and decided to experiment on us! We all lay down on the floor and he talked us through what I now know to be a thing called an induction. We had to imagine our bodies made of elastic. After about 20 minutes we were all seeing and experiencing crazy things.

And the method he used in the session stayed with me. For some unknown reason I still use that same technique today.

Sometimes I have to adapt it but most of the time the ‘script’ is the same.

Even though my prompts might be the same as I learned over 30 years ago, each client’s experience is unique.

Which is good isn’t it?

That we’re all different?

Yes, it is.

So the answer to the question ‘What happens in a Past Life Session?’ is answered with: ‘It’s different for different people’.

And I can tell you what we will ‘do’.

When you arrive we have a little chat about what you’re hoping for, what your expectations are.

Do you want to know why you’ve always been low on cash?

Would you want to find out if you got married and had babies?

Maybe you’d like to know if you’ve met your partner in a previous life and your relationship is ‘Old Soul’.

Or you’d like to know what work you did before.

Or maybe you’re just curious.

Or you’d like to ‘give it a go’.

Then you make yourself comfortable on the practice bed. Or in the easy chair and we do some mental stretching exercises. These help you begin to feel your way around what your mind is capable of, which is a lot.

I record our conversation so you can listen back to it afterwards.

Then I ask you to stand in front of your front door and describe it in as much detail as you can.

This is to help you practice how to communicate with me during your session.

After some more descriptions of your home and its surroundings I ask you to rise above the clouds.

Then, when you’re ready, you come down to Earth.

Then I ask you to describe what you’re wearing on your feet.

Then I ask you to tell me where you are and what is happening.

This is where it gets interesting. As you’ll be in some place or time that you’ve never experienced before.

It will all seem natural and ‘normal’.

We’re now deep in your imagination.

..and the imagination is a powerful thing. What you see, feel and experience will be unique to you, your life-style, your inner most self.

I can give you some examples of places and people that my clients have seen or been.

Priests, farm workers, Lords, Ladies, Mums or Dads. Some are servants, some are land-owners. Bankers, shop workers or builders. Soldiers, sailors. Haven’t had a candlestick maker yet!

Ancient people and not so ancient.

One lady was a match girl selling matches on the streets.

One man went back to before time even began (!) and had a wonderful experience of flying vast distances around weird landscapes. He could jump and leap and fly.

Sometimes people don’t even have regular ‘job, they work on the land. Or help their tribe by cooking or looking after their families.

Sometimes clients find themselves in strange places. One chap was in a forest fighting off large beasts.

One of the early sessions I did with a friend was interesting. He thought he was part of an Inca tribe. He had to get fire from another tribe and had to capture it without getting caught.

No-one I’ve ever worked with was someone famous. No Kings or Queens or politicians or pop stars.

Most of these lives are humble.

I’m glad about that.

Because it means that deep within ourselves we know that those lives are more meaningful than a life of fame.

Since that first session I’ve been back to many Past Lives of my own. Each one is an amazing experience. One that helps me understand more about my life today.

Your session will stay with you a long time. It will help you understand your present life. It will give you an insight into the choices you’ve made. Maybe it will help you make sense of things that are happening to you now.

Each session last 90 minutes and costs £65 and includes a digital recording.

If you’d like more information or to book a session, please contact me.

You can contact me by email hypno@maryenglish.co.uk

Or by 24/7 answerphone on  01225-315718

I look forward to working with you.